About Us

Our Story

$15 Sewer & Drain Service was established in San Jose in 1983 by Mark McGinnis, a dedicated individual who began as a one-man team, charging a fair price of $15 per drain, per hour. His commitment to exceptional service led to the rapid expansion of $15 Sewer & Drain, making it the largest locally owned plumbing company in the Bay Area. Even today, the company remains proudly family-owned and operated.

However, in January 2020, Mark passed away from a sudden heart attack at the age of 60, leaving his wife Valerie McGinnis and five children behind. Valerie was uncertain about the future of $15 Sewer & Drain, but after seeing the heartbroken faces of the employees on Monday morning, she made the decision to keep the company running. Her three children, Savannah (20), Steven (28), and Charles (31), joined the team to continue their father’s legacy.

The journey that followed was a physically and emotionally demanding one for Valerie and her children. Valerie had to transition from being a stay-at-home mom and class mother to a full-time employee. However, with hard work and determination, the family persevered. They each found their niche within the company, and Valerie hired outside professionals to handle the areas she was not familiar with, such as finances and payroll.

Today, Valerie manages customer calls and relations, and the business continues to thrive. The McGinnis family’s commitment to excellent service, hard work, and resilience has allowed $15 Sewer & Drain to maintain its position as a leading plumbing company in the Bay Area.